Our Story

Hi, I’m Sarah – a self-proclaimed bagaholic and the founder of Bagaholic New Zealand. 

My love for luxury handbags was ignited when my mum kindly gifted me a Fendi Du Jour as a celebratory present when I got my first job many years ago.  After spending hundreds of hours watching luxury handbags videos on Youtube, countless hours of browsing pre-loved handbag listings on overseas websites, and drooling over vintage Chanel, my love for luxury handbags became a real obsession.

Being a pre-loved luxury handbag enthusiast living in New Zealand myself, I understand how hard it is to find a trusted luxury handbag reseller in this side of the world. I hope to use this platform to share my passion for luxury handbags with you and to provide you with a channel to purchase authentic luxury items with confidence and convenience.

You might be wondering why I love pre-loved items. There are many reasons why I’m passionate about this. It’s much more sustainable and better for the environment, it’s easier on the wallet as most of the time pre-loved bags are cheaper than retail prices, and there are more options especially when you find a rare, vintage piece that a brand no longer makes. Each handbag has a story and by buying pre-loved, we get to extend the life of such special, quality pieces.

Since starting Bagaholic 2 years ago, we’ve sold over 300 bags, offered countless of handbag selection advice, and grown our community filled with passionate bag enthusiasts. It truly makes my day when we can help someone secure the bag of their dreams!


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